Austin Music Hall of Famers The Hickoids are heading out on a couple of tours this spring and summer. They're bringing along the The Beaumonts on a slew of dates, including their Nashville stop, where they’ll donate some of fallen Hickoid Davy Jones’ ephemera to the Country Music Hall of Fame. This is the first Nashville show in 30 years, and it’s evident that the Beaumonts have an ulterior motive for making the trip. Panhandle music magnate and longtime personal manager of the The Beaumonts, Coody Gold commented, "While in Nashville The Beaumonts are on a mission to check in on a fellow they gave a start to, a guy named Wheeler Walker Jr. While they are flattered that he has chosen to co-opt their look and presentation, they feel he may have gone overboard with the profanity and have heard rumors that he might be trying to 'live out the songs he wrote'...The members of The Beaumonts may have individually lost their way from time to time but consider their songs to be cautionary tales, not playbooks. They'd hate to see the young man that had so much promise when they took him under their wing go down in flames Icarus style.”
Following what is sure to be an epic run to Nashville, Little Rock and Shreveport, the Hickoids and the Beaumonts will join their pals the Loco Gringos for Gringopalooza in Dallas on May 28th. All this action will be filmed, as the Hicks are launching a webisodic program "Rode Hard" which will be an off-beat mixture of a reality travel show, fish out of water comedy and Rowan and Martin/Hee Haw-esque variety half-hour.
If the band can manage to stay out of jail during May, they’ll gear up to head to Alaska for a June tour. Hickoid captain Jeff Smith says, "We are really excited about the upcoming tour of Alaska. Our friends and label mates The Grannies went up there a number of years ago...their friend Brian Mac who runs The Relentless River Festival in McCarthy, AK caught us last fall at shows in Boston and Amsterdam. He asked us if we'd be interested in playing this year, we said 'hell yeah!', so he sent us some plane tickets, and, it is on. We've always enjoyed playing 'outback' type situations but this will really take it a new level."
Spring Dates:
Sat, 5/6 8pm The Buzz Mill San Marcos, Tx w/ The Beaumonts
Thu, 5/25 8pm Bushnookies Shreveport, LA w/ The Beaumonts
Fri, 5/26 8pm Springwater Supper Club Nashville, TN w/ The Beaumonts & Soviet Shiksa
Sat, 5/27 8pm White Water Tavern Little Rock, AR w/ The Beaumonts, The Frontier Circus
Sun, 5/28 8pm Three Links - (Gringopalooza IV) Dallas, TX w/ The Beaumonts, Loco Gringos, The Me-Thinks
Mon, 5/29 4pm Bad Bob's Bend Store Bend, TX
Thu, 5/8 8pm The Hole in the Wall Austin, TX
Sat, 6/10 10pm Hitones San Antonio, TX

The Fiasco In Alaska 2017
Thu, 6/15 8:00p Slim's Last Chance Seattle, WA
Fri, 6/16 8:00p Yukon Bar Seward, AK
Sat 6/17 8:00p Yukon Bar Seward, AK
Sun 6/18 8:00p Silvertip Grill Girdwood, AK
Mon, 6/19 8:00p The Spike McKinley Park/Denali State Park, AK
Tue 6/20 8:00p The Marlin Fairbanks, AK
Wed 6/21 8:00p Fairview Inn Talkeetna, AK
Thu 6/22 8:00p Koot's Anchorage, AK
Fri 6/23 Tonsina, AK TBA
Sat 6/24 1:00p Relentless River Fest McCarthy, AK

July Shows:
Fri 7/14 9pm Fitzgerald’s Houston, TX
w/ The Beaumonts, The Poor Dumb Bastards
Sat 7/29 8pm ABGB Austin, TX w/ Chicken Snake